#GetRight - the ultimate self-care toolkit I used to regain control of my health, happiness and well-being. 


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you could have a profound impact on your productivity and quality of life without always stretching yourself so thin! - while also regaining control of your health, happiness and well-being?

That’s what I did.

Researching every new “health trend”?  Been there. Overwhelmed with no idea where to start? Done that. Strong start then fell off? I know the feeling. I crafted my first wellness program in 2005 and have been helping others ever since. Today, I know what it takes to commit to your health goals so you can create the life you truly want to live.

Have you been “getting ready to” or “thinking about” building your healthiest you for far too long?

I’ve been there too, and I can tell you from experience…
Once I tapped into something special everything clicked.
Can you guess what it was? Let me tell you…

The success of your wellness journey is not principle; it’s personal.

Either you are clear on your why or you need help figuring it out. It’s that simple.

That’s how I went from living stressed out, burnt out and overwhelmed to leading a simple, clear and meaningful life I enjoy to the max.

Watch my #GetRight class below. 


I’ll help you identify the blind spots that have been holding you back for years, in just one day!


See exactly how to craft your custom roadmap to wellness without ANY additional research!


Learn simple steps to stay motivated without using any complicated systems! 

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My goal was to become more intentional and mindful of my emotional and spiritual well-being in the next 30 days and that’s exactly what happened. I am so grateful to Helanah! Her methods are fire!


I appreciate how Helanah invites folks to take a risk. Stepping outside of my comfort zone feels transformative. Her style is both energetic and grounding, which makes it feel safe to try something new. Working with Helanah is definitely worth your time and money


The personal, yet professional approach from Helanah and the opportunity to practice vulnerability and as I transition into aging gracefully is what did it for me. I finished the program 6 months ago and I am STILL using all her methods every single day.


This program helped me be more comfortable healing out loud and have a self-care plan to accomplish my personal and career goals. Working with Helanah has supported me immensely in becoming my best self! Thank you so much! 



Hello, I’m Helanah, your Wellness Success Coach. I founded Yogetree™ to help artists, activists, and educators reconnect to self through mind-body-spirit healing practices. I am the creator of #GetRight Program, an 8-week online intensive that helps you create and commit to your health and wellness goals to build lasting lifestyle changes that grow with you.

I’ve been a wellness enthusiast turned expert for over 14 years and have helped professionals and brands take their healthy lifestyles to the next level so they can live the lives they love and share their gifts with the world.


Hello Helanah

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Yoga Instructor teaching over
2000 hours of yoga classes

Wellness Educator hosting self-care
in D.C. NYC and Philadelphia

Meditation Teacher instructing over 785 students in mindfulness breathing techniques

Plant-based Chef & Lifestyle Coach creating over 130 vegan recipes 

Workshop Speaker facilitating over 350 Wellness in the Workplace training sessions

2000 hours of yoga classes

hosting self-care

 785 students in mindfulness


Plant-based Chef

Workshop Speaker

Radio Show Personality hosting 200+ LIVE Health & Wellness Interviews

Radio Show Personality

As a Black wellness professional, I have navigated both freelance and corporate spaces to share my gift. As I continued my journey, I found fewer and fewer familiar faces.

My goal is to be your familiar face. To help you uncover and build your holistically healthy strong self. I want you to unapologetically and unashamedly share your gifts with the world - while taking the time to prioritize self-care for self, first. 

What keeps you going is what gets you started.

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Want my help creating and committing to your health and wellness goals?


Since my first Yogetree, I honestly said to myself I would like to work with Helanah for more deeper personal work, and at this point, this program came at perfect timing for me in my journey.

Thierra W.

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